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Impact Aid Federal Grant



What is Impact Aid?

Impact Aid is a program formed to help make up the lost local tax base to school districts imposed upon federal property.  In other words, people living on federal property do not pay local property tax.  People who work on federal property, in turn, work for companies that do not pay local property tax.  Therefore, school districts lose not only property tax revenue, but also sales tax and licensing fees.


Who benefits from the Impact Aid grant?

The entire town benefits.  The multi-million dollar grant is paid directly to the Town of Groton and the funds are then incorporated into the budget revenue figures.  The funds are then disbursed for the benefit of all town departments, including the school system.


How can I help?

Fill out the Pupil-Parent Residence and Employment Survey that came home with your student on October 1st.  Indicate if you, or another legal guardian in your household, live or work on federally owned property. 

Uniformed Serviceman - If you are a uniformed service member, please indicate your branch of service, rank and unit in Section II of the survey. 

Civilian - If you are not a uniformed service member but work on the Groton Sub Base, the Coast Guard Academy or any other federal site, please indicate this in Section III of the survey.

Casino - If you work at either Casino or at any establishment on tribal owned land, please indicate that in Section III of the survey.


I have completed the form, now what?

Please be sure to sign and date the form no earlier than October 1st.  Send the form back into school with your student.  A special incentive will be awarded to the first class (homeroom) at each school!!


Who can I call with questions?

Feel free to call Jennifer DeBell at 860-572-2120 or Joyce Medling at 860-572-2141 with any questions you may have regarding Impact Aid.