Welcome to Mary F. Morrisson School!

We are a Pre-K through Grade 5 school, and our school community consists of students and families from varied backgrounds, experiences, and interests.
A school/family/community partnership is vital to ensure we meet the needs of our students. Your support is necessary in many ways. You can do this by supporting the school policies and procedures, by communicating your suggestions and concerns directly to the school staff/administration as appropriate, by ensuring that your child attends school daily, by keeping emergency contact information up to date, and by letting your children know that you trust us with their well being.  We welcome and value parental involvement and offer many opportunities for interaction and volunteering.

Our aim is to meet the academic, physical, social and developmental needs of your child by providing the learning experiences, time, and support students need in a collaborative, respectful, responsible, and caring environment.

Monica S. Franzone, Ed. D., Principal