• Dear Parents,

    With Junior year coming to a close, I know we all have Senior year on the brain and the questions of "what's next?" seem to be everywhere. Before we can officially say our kids are Seniors, we must first congratulate and send off our current Seniors at Graduation. What does this have to do with you? Well, in short answer, it is tradition that Junior parents provide a reception of food and drinks for the Seniors and their families after Graduation. We set up the café by decorating and laying out various foods and stay to clean up when it is all over. We help refresh empty boxes of pizza or clear tables of finished platters of fruit. And then next year, the Junior class parents will in turn do it for us.

    This year we have 250+ Seniors and their families so a lot of food is needed to be donated by our Junior Parents. I have set up a Sign Up Genius to help with ideas and timeframes of when things need to come to the school on Friday the 16th. I will include it at the bottom of this email. We have eating utensils and plates covered so far as well as tablecloths and 1 cooler with ice. So much more is needed and I hope you will join me in sending these kids and their families off with a lil something in their bellies. If you have any questions, please email me at pekipski@gmail.com 

    I have been elected to stay on as President of Grad Party for another year, as I currently have a Junior as well. Next years Board is looking for a Treasurer to take over immediately upon this years Graduation. if you have an interest in doing this job, please send an email to Lyndie, the current Treasurer as she can give you some information and answer any questions you may have. The email is fitchhighgradparty@gmail.com  This is also the email that you can request to be on next years email list to be notified about meetings (Mondays) and events. 

    I am including the minutes from the Junior Parent meeting held back on May 19th in case you were unable to make it. Please plan on attending, being involved and helping support the 2018 Fitch Grad Party! I look forward to getting to know you!

    RyAne Taylor




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    Very Respectfully,

    RyAne Taylor



    Volunteer Coordinator for Fitch Music Boosters

               Dinner Dance is May 12th

               Pops Concert is May 24th

               Meetings are 1st Tuesday of the month

    President of 2017 Graduation Party for Fitch

              Golf Tournament is May 26th 

              Graduation is June 16th

               Meetings are 3rd Tuesday of the month