Groton Public Schools is committed to supporting students in all areas of their learning, growth and development as well as fully preparing students for their futures.    Digital citizenship skills enable students to use information and technology in safe, legal, and responsible ways.
The Appropriate Use Policy promotes an understanding of the digital citizenship skills students need. While the tenets of our policy are simple, putting them into practice involves a commitment by all members of the Groton Public Schools Community. Administrators, teachers, and staff are expected to model good digital citizenship skills for students in the same manner they model all expected behaviors. Instruction in and practice of digital citizenship begins in kindergarten and continues through high school.  Parents are asked to review the policy with students each year.  The signed  Summary Statement of the Appropriate Use Agreement will be kept on file.  The accompanying regulations may be downloaded here and are also available at each school.
 Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents
PBS' Children and Media site has a variety of articles on TV and movies, computers, video games and advertising for students of all ages. 
From the Commonsense Media folks who bring you movie and tv show ratings, their parent blog which covers kids and all kinds of media. 
 Google's Family Safety site with a variety of resources for online safety. 
 What does digital literacy mean?  What are the skills our students need to practice in school to become 21st century learners?
 If you have time to view this longer video program, it helps to understand how digital resources can help students learn and how learning and schools are changing.