This page will have ideas and resources for our families who want to learn more about the Common Core State Standards

The State of CT website -

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards:

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) parent/student information:

Common Core in 3 minutes:

A December 2013 update from the Connecticut State Department of Education:

The Powerpoint presentation for November 7, 2013 News and Views with the Principal:
Follow this link to the home page for the Common Core Standards:
The link below will bring you to the Connecticut State Department of Education Web page for the Common Core:
Please follow the link below for specific ideas about how you can help your child with the Common Core Standards expectations: (you may need to search for your child's particular grade level)
This link is for english/language arts standards:
This link is for mathmatics standards:
Sample texts by gade level:
(Please make sure you scroll to page 4 to see the list)
Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium(SBAC)
This link will take you to samples of the test:
Adjusting Mathematical Language to the Common Core: