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The Pleasant Valley Library would like to thank the PTO for their very generous donation of new books from the Book Fair. Already the new titles are circulating to great excitement.

This leads me to the importance of returning library books on time. Students should return their library books on their scheduled library day. If a child forgets to return a book, a notice is sent home as a reminder. The child is allowed to “reserve” ONE book. They choose a book which is placed on the reserve table for one day. If they return the late book the next day, the child checks out the reserved book. If the student does not bring back the overdue book the next day, the reserved book returns to the library shelves. If you have an older child who takes out more than one book, the rule of one book on the reserve shelf still holds.

When students take out more than one book, they are asked to take out one fiction book that is just right for them (not too hard, not too easy). Grades 4 and 5 frequently choose graphic novels while grade 3 enjoys the scary stories in our nonfiction section. Please encourage your child to choose at least one readable fiction book.

In November I will be strongly encouraging the second and third grade students to check out the Nutmeg elementary nominees. (The fourth and fifth graders are already consuming the intermediate titles!) The Nutmeg books are selected by the Connecticut Association of School Librarians (CASL). The students will be able to vote for a favorite title. This year we have both elementary (grade 2-3) and intermediate (grades 4-6) Nutmeg titles. Last year the second through fifth graders voted for a favorite Nutmeg book, and their books won! This year I would like to continue to have grades 2-5 participate in the voting. Look for more information and activities that will take place in the coming months. You can also find the Nutmeg titles at your public library.

Here’s the number of books students are allowed to take out each week:

K and Grade 1: 1 book

Grades 2: 1 book at the beginning of the year,

already increased to 2

Grades 3 and 4: 2 books

Grade 5: 3 books

When a class is working on a project, the students may borrow an extra book related to the project. Please visit my web page for your child’s library day. Finally, thinking ahead to June, I will accept books for the Book Swap all year. Just send them in marked for the Book Swap.

end of summer

Can you read more books than I can?

I have asked for your help. You may also ask for mine. Please ask questions!

Mrs. Johnson


 "Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."
                                                                          Lady Bird Johnson