Reading with your child has a huge impact on your child’s success in school.  It can also be a great way to get some quality time with your child.  Use the following ideas to make your reading time more fun!

« Vary the Location:  Read in different places in your house.  Build a fort to read in, throw cushions on the floor, or sit by a window.  Reading outside can also be lots of fun!

« Books on the Go:  Read to entertain your kids while waiting in line, at a doctor’s office, or at a restaurant.   Leave some books in the car so you always have some on hand.  The kids can even read in the car to make those car rides more peaceful for everyone!

« Let the Kids Choose:  Kids get excited to pick the story they want to hear.  It also makes them more interested in sitting down to read or be read to.  You may have to read the same story every night, though! 

« Read and Do:  Read about something your child is going to do or a place that you are going to visit.  For example, if you are taking a vacation, read a book about the place you are going to visit or even a book about going on a vacation.  If you are going to visit a zoo or an aquarium, read books about the animals they will see. 

« Visit the Library:  Your child can pick out new books to read from the library.   Also, libraries often have fun activities and reading incentive programs that will motivate your child to read more.

« Read a Chapter Book:  Read a chapter book to your child that is too difficult for your child to read himself.  It will help to develop his vocabulary and your child will probably be excited each night to find out what will happen next in the book.

Make reading a part of your daily routine to help your child develop as a reader and to provide a fun family activity that you can enjoy together every day.  

If your child is doing the reading, help him through the difficult parts so that he can enjoy the story.  Be sure to continue to read to older children as well.  They enjoy listening to stories.  It gives them a chance to enjoy books that they are interested in but may be too difficult for them to read themselves.  

Happy reading to you!