Hooray for Spring!  We are ready for some warm weather!  It was great to meet with all the parents at our recent conference.  Thank you for supporting your child with their learning.

We are beginning our study of fractions and decimals. For those children that know their multiplication facts, fractions are making sense and they are having an easier time figuring out word problems and fraction equations.  Please work with your child daily to review and rehearse multiplication facts for speed and accuracy!  Look at how you might encounter fractions and decimals throughout your day at home and have your child help you work out some real world situations. 

Our next Science Unit will be Rocks, Soil, and Landforms.  This is a new unit of study in grade 4 but, it will be a great addition to your child’s study of rocks and minerals in third grade.

We are preparing to write a literary essay.  So far we have read a number of short stories and have discussed a variety of story elements with each text.  Ask your child what they know about character traits, motivations, struggles and changes that characters undergo from the beginning of a story to its’ end.  We will continue to grow ideas about texts and then choose two to compare and contrast by theme.

Thanks so much for your support.

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