Happy Spring! We appreciate your feedback at Parent Conferences. Thank you for all you do as partners in your child's learning.

This month in reading we are finishing up a unit on Character Studies. We will be moving back into a nonfiction reading unit involving research. 

In science we are working on a Water and Climate unit.  In this unit students will explore the properties of water, the water cycle and weather, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water as a natural resource.

In math we are currently working on the unit “Explore Fractions.” In this unit we are focusing on finding fractions on a number line, fractions as part of a whole and part of a group, comparing fractions with the same denominator or the same numerator, and equivalent fractions.

In writing, we are finishing up a literary essay unit.  Our next unit will focus on Fairy Tales. We will study the features of a fairy tale. The students will adapt and write their own fairy tales.

Congratulations to our Pleasant Valley third grader whose picture was selected for the Groton Department of Human Services 2017 Child Abuse Prevention poster contest. Her poster will appear in the 2018 Groton Human Services calendar.

Thank you for your support! 

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