The first grade team would like to extend a big thanks to all parents who were able to come in for March conferences.  It is always exciting to talk with all of you and celebrate your child’s successes!

The first graders continue to work hard on practicing their reading and writing skills daily.  Many of the students are showing an interest in chapter books and they really love their extra reading time in the classroom!  Your child is welcome to bring in their own book from home to continue reading from the night before.  Some possible titles of chapter book series for your child are: Junie B Jones, Magic Tree House, Amelia Bedelia, Cam Jansen, and Nate the Great.  We even have some first graders reading the Harry Potter series!    Please support your child as a reader and give them time to read with you daily.


We have been working on writing our first grade sight words correctly and with the proper use of capitalization and punctuation.  We have been working hard on our realistic fiction narrative unit. The students have been thinking of a character, getting them into trouble, and getting them out of trouble to make the reader happy! The students have really been blossoming as writers and have great imaginations. 


The first graders will be given a writing journal to take with them during week of our April vacation.  This journal is a great way to practice the wonderful writing the students have been producing. They can write about any fun things they might be doing on their break, or they can use their imagination and write a fiction story.  More information will be coming home with their journals.   We look forward to sharing their stories after vacation! Help them think of great details and work on letter formation.  


We have begun a new science unit: Air and Weather.  We are working on investigations about air; we have had fun making parachutes and seeing how air moves! 


Now that spring has arrived, we will enjoy studying and discussing this beautiful season, and the changes that are occurring in the weather. Spring is a great time for children to get outside and play, especially after they have been working so hard in their school day!


As always, thank you all for supporting your child in being a life-long learner!

Mrs. Brown

Mrs Novicki

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(1) Look at the picture for cues.

(2) Get your mouth ready.

(3) Sound the word out - tap the letter sounds.

(4) Look for chunks - or smaller words inside larger ones.

(5) Ask what would make sense.

(6) Cover up part of the word.

(7) Try a different vowel sound.

(8) Think of a rhyming word that looks the same - “If I know cat then I know bat.”