Name:  Mrs. Abercrombie, RN


Welcome to another healthy school year!  I can be reached at Pleasant Valley every day. Please feel free to give me a call or stop in with any questions you may have about your child’s health while at school and keep us updated on allergies and medications.  We wish to provide your child with a healthy and safe environment while at Pleasant Valley School.

Here are a few important reminders from the Health Office:

  • Up-to-date immunizations for incoming students are due.  I will have to exclude students who do not meet the state requirements as I check their records.
  • Please make sure all emergency contact information is kept current. Keep your listing of phone numbers up-to-date, i.e. home phone, work phone, cell phone, and the number of at least one person to call in an emergency when we are unable to contact either parent.
  • No medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, can be given without a doctors written order.
  • While the weather is still warm children may need a water bottle at school and may also want to keep wearing their summer shoes! However, flip flops and the playground usually don’t mix well, so I recommend students wear sneakers to school if possible.
  • If your child requires sunscreen while at school please apply before they leave the house.
  • If you wonder when to keep your child home due to illness: Please remember that if a child has a temperature over 100.5 they must stay home from school and if a child is sent home with a fever they should stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours.

I am eagerly looking forward to a great year at Pleasant Valley School!

Mrs. Abercrombie


pvA school age child requires 10-11 hours of sleep per night. 
A child that does not get enough sleep can be very fussy, irritable and aggressive and may not be able to learn or play well. 
Your brain needs sleep so you can remember what you learn, pay attention and concentrate at school. Your body needs sleep so your muscles and bones can grow. 
Therefore, we need sleep to  keep us healthy,  happy and doing our best!


pvStarting your child off with a HEALTHY BREAKFAST provides the fuel your child needs to get through the day.  Any breakfast is better than no breakfast but do try to avoid foods high in calories, sugar and fat, like doughnuts and pastries.  Remember, overweight children are more likely to develop serious health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Some healthy breakfasts are eggs, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals and waffles, cold cereal and oatmeal.  Try bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter.  Fruit is also good added with  some protein.  How about a banana with peanut butter or a breakfast taco?  Put some shredded cheese on a tortilla and fold it in half and top it with salsa.  Dont forget the old standbys are great too like a peanut butter sandwich or grilled cheese.  Leftovers from a healthy dinner the night before can also be reheated for breakfast.

Even if you or your child oversleeps you can have bags of trail mix premade  and grab some on the way out the door.  Trail mix can consist of dried fruit, pretzels and crackers, dried cereal, nuts and sunflower seeds.

So, start tonight and make sure your child sleeps 10-11 hours and in the morning make sure he doesnt run out the door on an empty stomach.  Have him fuel up with a healthy breakfast or hand him the trail mix to go,  ensuring you have done your part in helping him be successful in school.


Immunizations are the best way to prevent the spread of the flu. BUT, there are still many other things we can do as adults and children to prevent germs from spreading.

Hand washing with soap and water is one of the best ways to prevent flu from spreading.  Wash hands for 15-20 seconds (long enough to sing the Happy Birthday song).    Alcohol based hand rubs may also be used to wash hands when soap and water are not available.   There are hand sanitizers in every classroom at Pleasant Valley.

Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue or the corner of your arm when you are coughing or sneezing also helps to prevent the spread of germs.

Also, sick students and staff should stay home for 24 hours after being fever free.

Contact your local doctor or the PV health office and I will be glad to assist you in finding a flu clinic. 

Stay warm and healthy as the weather begins to turn cold!       




Recess Time!
When winter arrives! And all PV students go out to play every day unless they have a note from the doctor. So, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the chilly and possibly snowy weather conditions to play outdoors! Exercising is an important part of a healthy day for students!
pvIf your child has exercise or cold weather induced asthma a scarf or neck warmer is extremely helpful in filtering the cold air from going into the lung. Also please remember to bring in a medication authorization sheet with your child's inhaler if he/she will need it during the winter months.
Remember it gets cold in New England in the winter but that doesnt mean your child has to stay indoors.  There are plenty of outdoor winter things for kids to do like skating, sledding and putting on those boots and going for a walk in some new glistening white snow!  No reason to skip outdoor activities during this wonderful time of the year!