Step Two: Registration Forms

Below are reference sheets and forms that are required to enroll in the Groton School District. You can use the registration form below or complete the online registration form and click submit.  Please note that forms required for registration are denoted by an asterisk (*). 
Below are the forms that you will need to complete and bring to your registration appointment. Informational documentation are listed below for you to review.   If you have any questions concerning these documents please fill out what you can and we will go over them at your registration appointment.  Please call 860-572-2197 for an appointment.  Thanks
Health Assessment * First page only.
Early Childhood Assessment* First page only for PreK and PreSchool students only.
Appropriate Use Signature Page * Please print out page 12 and sign

Health Information/Forms:
Early Childhood Assessment Record* - For Preschool and PreK students
Reference and Forms from the State of CT:
Groton Policy and Procedure Information and Forms:
Appropriate Use Signature Page * Please print out last page and sign.
SuspensionExpulsionPolicy Read and check off box under section G #5.
District No Child Left Behind Act- For High School Students Only
Bus Plans - For Kindergarten Students Only