at PV

Safety is always a joint effort for us – especially during arrival and dismissal time.  If everyone follows these guidelines, arrival and dismissal will be safe and efficient. 


Arrival: School begins at 8:55 AM

  • Walkers and students who are dropped off should arrive by 8:50 AM and should gather in the playgrounds.  For safety reasons students should not arrive before 8:40 AM as there is no supervision on the playground.
  • Kindergarteners and 1st graders should gather on the primary playground. 
  • Grades 2-5 go directly to the upper grade playground. 
  • In inclement weather all students proceed directly to the gym. 
  • PV staff will meet and escort bus students directly from the bus to the playground each day.

Dismissal: School ends at 3:30 PM

  • Parent pick-ups are dismissed at 3:20 PM. Parents will meet their children in the gym. Parents must notify us in writing regarding this dismissal option. A parent can write a note for the whole year or for any amount of time. It is important that parents remember to let us know about any changes to this dismissal plan or if a different person will be picking up their child. Just send the teacher a note that will be forwarded to the office.
  • Kindergarteners who are picked up are dismissed at 3:20 PM.  All Kindergarteners will be escorted by a teacher or teacher assistant to the cafeteria each day to meet their families.  Kindergarteners are not allowed to walk home alone.
  • Walkers will be dismissed at 3:30 PM .
  • Bus students will be escorted directly to the bus by PV staff.
  • Kindergarten bus students will be escorted directly to the bus by PV staff. An adult should plan to meet them at the bus stop each day.  Kindergarteners will not be left at the bus stop to walk home alone.

Early Dismissal

  • If a student is to be dismissed early, parents should send the teacher a note. Teachers will forward the note to the office. Parents must come into the office to pick up the students for early dismissal. Please bring ID with you. We will check ID’s until we get to know everyone. Thanks for understanding; this is for your child’s protection.
  • The safety and security of our students is paramount. All visitors must report to the office every time they visit Pleasant Valley. Ms. Messina, our school secretary, will have you sign in and give you a visitor/volunteer badge to wear while you are in the building. Visitors must stop into the office and return the badge before leaving.