• The GEF is proud to have awarded grants for the following projects during the 2014-2015 school year.  

    Group name

    Project name


    The Mindfulness Way club

    PV- Laurie

    Nature Center Field Trips


    “No Bones About it” and Skeleton

    Mystic Arts Center

    SB Butler collab. program

    C.B. Knobloch

    Parent library upgrade

    Northeast Academy

    Literacy Night

    St. Mark Toddler group

    Therapeutic Play

    West Side Dougherty


    Cutler Drama Dept.

    Wireless microphones and speakers

    Pleasant Valley

    Nutmeg Club

    Senior Center/ Claude Chester

    Play with Friends


    Falcon Photo Booth

    C.K. Maxwell

    Hydroponic garden

    Sacred Heart

    Mindstorm Robots