The mission statement of the Groton Public School Food Service Program is to provide healthy, tasty meals to our customers in a friendly, pleasant, and sanitary environment with high quality service in a timely, cost efficient way.


Ernie Koschmieder, Food Service Director

Suzanne Fallucco, Manager, Fitch High School

Marge Finley, Manager, Cutler Middle School

Marge Bergeson, Manager, West Side Middle School

Elaine Clendennin, Manager, Charles Barnum Elementary School

Anna Powetzyk, Manager, Claude Chester Elementary School
Sandra Sineiro, Manager, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School

Kristina Crandall, Manager, Mary Morrisson Elementary School

Carol Dodson, Manager, Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Yong-Son Callahan, Manager, Northeast Academy

Karen Melanson, Manager, S.B. Butler Elementary School