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    Charles Barnum Elementary School receives National Blue Ribbon of Excellence

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    Dr. Charles Barnum Elementary School in Groton, CT maintains a positive school climate through a variety of student-centered character building activities and recognition so that students are motivated to learn. We are proud of what we achieve at our school and refuse to become complacent or satisfied with the status quo. We continually look for ways to achieve our goal of doing what is best for children by setting high expectations and by building positive relationships with all members of our school community. Charles Barnum has a strong connection with our military families and due to the transient nature of our population, the staff does not often see the fruits of its labor. A student whom we are working with to achieve academic success may transfer out before meeting goals we set for them. We often cannot follow our students’ success once they move and this can be unfulfilling; this is why it is important for the staff to validate and celebrate each other’s success on a regular basis. Adjustment time is almost non-existent for our highly mobile student population. Our school is unique because 'new' students are difficult to identify as you walk through the school, due to the many procedures we have in place to acclimate students and families. We pride ourselves in making transitions seamless for new families. From the first encounter in our office, to meeting the teacher, and touring the building, families are treated to a warm welcome in a very organized manner.

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