Claude Chester School has an active School Data Team consisting of the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers from each grade level, a Special Education Teacher, the Literacy Coach, the Math Coach, and the PE Teacher. The team meets regularly throughout the year to review student data and set school-wide goals in order to increase academic and behavioral achievement as well as increase home to school communication and overall wellness. The team completed a comprehensive three year School Improvement Plan (SIP) which directly aligns with the District Data Team. The School Data Team monitors the plan and updates it regularly. Please see the posted plan.

School Data Team members for 2013-2014:
Jamie Giordano, Prinicipal
Mary Lou Svencer, Assistant Principal
Laurie DeLia, Kindergarten Teacher
Kerry Nystrom, Grade 1 Teacher
Danielle Deeble, Grade 2 Teacher
Cassie-Ryan Rasmussen, Grade 3 Teacher
Laura Voland, Grade 4 Teacher
Deborah Coceho, Grade 5 Teacher
Carol Marsiglio, Math Coach
Nancy Berube, Literacy Coach
Jill MacDonald, Special Education Teacher
Kerry Carter, Physical Education Teacher