Time is flying by!  It was wonderful getting time to speak with our families at conferences! Thank you for all of your participation in the super reader program!

In Fundations, we continue to practice tapping to read and tapping to write. We will be using this skill to practice blending sounds together to form words and segmenting words into its sound parts.  During story time students are learning comprehension skills such as making predictions and sequencing events. Please continue to work on comprehension skills during nightly reading.

During Writers Workshop students are learning to write how-to books. A how-to book teaches the reader how to do something using numbered steps and labeled pictures. It’s been wonderful having the children understand that they have many great ideas that they can “teach” other people about.

In Math, we continue to learn about finding partners of numbers to ten.  Students have been learning how to show teen numbers using a ten group and extra ones.  We have been practicing identifying groups as more or fewer.  Students will also be introduced to Math Mountains.  A Math Mountain has the total at the top with the partners at the bottom.  This will be one of many strategies the students will learn to help solve math problems as they progress into later grades.  Towards the end of the month, we will begin reviewing everything we have learned in Math this year. 

We will be starting a new science kit all about living animals. Students will learn by observing two kinds of fish, guppies and goldfish, along with snails and worms. This is always an exciting opportunity for the children to learn more about what animals need to survive and how we can take care of them.