Series 6000  -  Instruction

6115 Separation of Church and State, Protection of Private Religious Beliefs, Ceremonies and Observances
6115.3 Silent Meditation
6115.4 Pledge of Allegiance
6121 Nondiscrimination in the Instructional Program
6121.1Reduction of Racial, Ethnic and Economic Isolation
6141 Curriculum Design/Development
6141.11 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Products
6141.312Migrant Students
6141.321 Appropriate Use of Technology Policy

Appropriate Use of Technology Regulations
6142.101(a)Physical Education: Health and Fitness Curriculum
6145 Extra-Curricular Activities
6145.1 Eligibility to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics
6146 Graduation Requirements
6146.1aStatewide and District-Wide Assessment
6153Field Trips Policy
 Field Trips Regulations
6154 Homework (R)
6161a, bTextbook Adoption Policy
6161.1Library Materials Selection (R)
6161.3 Equal Education Opportunity
6161.3Title I Schools - Comparability of Services
6162.51Surveys of Students (Student Privacy)
6162.6 Copyright Protection (R)
6163.1 Library Materials (R)
6164.12 Aids Education
6171.1 Inclusion for Delivery of Services to Students with Disabilities
6172.4 Chapter I Parent
6172.6Virtual or Online Course Work
6177 Use of Videos in the Classroom
6178iPad Authorized Use Policy and Agreement
6179National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards (NIMAS)

NIMAS Procedures