Series 5000  -  Students

5112Ages of Attendance
 Ages of Attendance Regulations
5112.2Admission Requirements for Resident Students
5113 Attendance
 Attendance Regulations 
5114Suspension/Expulsion: Due Process (R)
5117 School District Lines
5118 Non-Resident Attendance
5118.1Homeless Students
5122.4Staff Teaching/Servicing His/Her Own Children
5123 Promotion/Retention/Graduation (R)
5124Reporting to Parents
5125 Access to Student Records (R)
5126 Awards for Achievement
5131.1Bus Conduct
5131.111Conduct: Video Surveillance
5131.21Conduct: Threatening Behavior/Threatening Acts
5131.3 Student Driving and Parking
5131.6Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Products
5131.7 Dangerous Instruments
5131.8Off-School Misconduct
5131.81Use of Electronic Communication Devices
5131.91 Conduct:Hazing
5131.911 Bullying 
 Bullying Report Form 
5134 Inclusion of Pregnant Students
5141.21Administering Medication
 Administering of Medication-Regulation
5141.22 Communicable/Infectious Diseases
5141.231Psychotropic Drug Use
5141.25 Students with Special Health Care Needs: Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs (Food Allergy Management)
5141.27Use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
5141.28 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention 
5141.3 Health Assessments and Immunizations
5141.31 Physical Examinations - Sports and Mandated
5141.4Prevention and Reporting of Child Abuse (R)

Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Administrative Regulations
5141.5Suicide Prevention/Intervention
5144.1 Physical Restraint
5145.124 Breathalyzer Testing (R)
5145.14 On-Campus Recruitment (R)
5145.2 Freedom of Speech/Expression
5145.4 Non-Discrimination
5145.6 Student Grievance Procedures
5145.71 Surrogate Parent Program
5145.8Administration of Emergency Glucagon Policy
5146Questioning of Students
5222 Certificate of Age
5223Seclusion Restraint Policy

Seclusion and Restraint Regulations