The second grade students have become thoughtful independent readers! In class, we have read and discussed a variety of Genres including Fiction, Nonfiction, Folktales, Fables, Legends and Poetry.

As your child is reading to you stop and ask them some of the questions on their bookmark. For example, in a nonfiction text you might ask: What is this text mostly about? What are the “keywords” in this text that relate to the topic? What are the most important things you have learned?

When reading a fiction story you might ask: Where did this story take place? What time did this take place? How did a particular character change from the beginning to the end of the story? What was the author’s purpose for writing this text? Was it to persuade, inform or entertain you? What connections can you make? (text to text; text to self; text to world or others)

Here is a fun activity to do at home to help your child expand their understanding of nonfiction texts. Compare  two nonfiction books about the same topic your child has read.   How are the books alike? How are they different? Ask their opinion as to which book did a better job of giving information about the topic and why.

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